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inSight™ delivers best-in-class 3D measurement directly on your iPad. Using Structure Sensor and eKare’s proprietary algorithms, you can obtain and document full 3D wound dimensions within seconds at the point of care.

eKare InSight


Transform your wound care practice with the most advanced sensor technology

Obtain 3D wound dimensions and tissue classification within seconds through our intelligent sensor and computer vision algorithms. The process is as simple as taking a digital photo.

Streamline wound documentation through automation and real-time cloud sync. Maximize operational efficiency while ensuring compliance.

See results anywhere with any device via HIPAA-compliant wound management platform on the cloud. Use our advanced analytics software to optimize resource allocation and patient care.

3D Wound model

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Deliver patient-centered wound management across the continuum of care

Wound summary dashboard
Wound Measurement Results
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Streamline wound assessment and documentation with a single image capture. Eliminate redundancy by automatically syncing data to a secure cloud for easy archiving and access.


Standardize wound measurements to facilitate evidence-based wound management and research.


Safely share and analyze data with your colleagues on a common platform to improve care coordination and patient-centered management.

About Us

e-Kare Inc. is dedicated to the design and development of wound assessment solutions using the latest computer-vision and mobile technology. Founded by surgeons and leading experts in imaging sciences, e-Kare is a spin-off enterprise from the Children’s National Health System, a premier pediatric health provider in Washington, DC.

e-Kare’s innovative technology is creating new possibilities in how we deliver wound care across the healthcare continuum, from inpatient hospital and skilled nursing facilities to ambulatory clinics and telemedicine.

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